Academondo solutions

Platforms customized for your professional network.

A solution to build and manage different partner and stakeholder ecosystems online.

Engage your Community with a human-focused Cloud-based platform. Bring people and companies together, connect and communicate across. Collaborate, trade and share knowledge across your members.

Academondo Solutions platforms features:

Engage your Community

Bring your stakeholders on your own branded platform to encourage connec-tions and matchmaking. Easy-to-use features will allow you and your members to connect quickly, createnetwork groups and start collaborating and share knowledge. Let your members promote their expertise and bring opportunities on your platform, let them post opportunities for jobs, projects and partnerships, or crowdsource help for their challenges.

Build Networks

The platform lets you build diverse, multi-disciplinary groups for brainstorming, ideation and project implementation fast and easy. Browse through your network members and swiftly choose those that you want in your team or let the interested join your group.

Foster Collaboration

Easy workplace solutions help foster a collaborative and innovativ environment through co-creation, and make it easy to track all activities from a single interface. Create vital connections with your members, customers, and employees, unlocking collective knowledge and engaging everyone in your community.

Built-in Marketplace

Give your members an opportunity to show great deals or residual and surplus products that can become resources for others.

Our solutions offer

The Creative Business Network as an online community Creating a vibrant community that delivers on business goals takes more than forum software or social media tools.  Our robust community solution is designed to keep your users coming back.




Access from pc, tablet & smartphone


Cloudbased solution - no installation or integration


Create work fora for specific people




Encrypted data


Exposure via your company page


Smart search functionality in network, companies, marketplace etc.


Map - Get an overview of the ecosystem




See the unique communities that some of our customers have created.

EBRAINS Community

A community within neuroscience, brain medicine,
and brain-related technology.
EBRAINS is powered by the EU-cofunded Human Brain Project.

Open Entrepreneurship

A community solution that matches research teams from the
Danish universities with experienced and external entrepreneurs in order to create more sustainable businesses.


A solution for unemployed academics – allows you to select
relevant companies, find job postings and create professional
CV’s that 
business consultants across the country can find and
offer you job opportunities.

Subscription meetup

A community for subscription companies.


A job bank for students, newly graduates and young professionals that bridge the gap between academia and the life science industry.








Academondo - Life Science

A community that connects the ecosystem within Life Science and Health Tech.

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